Rim Repair Process

Our unique process enables us to deliver high quality and consistent rim repair services every time and ensure that we colour match your rims precisely.


Wheels are repaired, primed, painted, and clear coated utilizing patented paint adhesion technology. OEM-approved paint is colour matched to every wheel before repair.

Superior Process

While competing mobile rim repair providers repaint rims with wheels on the car as a shortcut, we take the wheels off the car every time. We perform the repair in a controlled environment on board our professionally installed mobile paint booth.

Guaranteed Work

We take pride in our work and guarantee our workmanship with a 1 year warranty.


  • Rust, scale, and old paint is removed.
  • Rim is cleaned to base metal and inspected for cracks, bends and worn bolt holes.
  • Rim is sandblasted where necessary.
  • Rims are thoroughly inspected to ensure they are safe to repair.


  • First coat of primer is applied to give an added layer of protection against rust before colour is added.

Powder Coating & Painting

  • Colour coat is applied to the rim using a charged powder coating system.
  • Powder is applied in uniform coats to ensure no runs.
  • We use a proprietary system to ensure that we match the correct colour to your rim.
    • A variety of other colours also available.
    • We can closely match your original rim finish or create something new and unique.

Diamond Cutting

  • The face of the rim is diamond cut using the CNC machine for an unmatched diamond cut finish.

Clear Coat

  • Rims air dry and are then clear coated with a durable powder coat to provide further protection and rust prevention.


  • Rims are cured in a specialized powder coating oven and then cooled down.

Tire Installation

  • After being cooled tires are installed and balanced.

Make Every Imperfection a RimPerfection!

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