About RimPerfection

Full Service Wheel Repair
RimPerfection is the First Full Service Wheel Repair Business Focused on Partnering with the Automotive Industry

We seek to build trust and integrity with our clients, employees, partners and suppliers.


We seek excellence in all of our endeavors and believe in being held accountable to the highest standards of performance.

Client Focus

We strive to exceed the needs of clients in every endeavor to ensure that every imperfection, becomes a RimPerfection.

As a Canadian owned and operated company, RimPerfection is dedicated to providing a full-service rim repair solution for all of our customers’ reconditioning needs. We work with automotive dealerships, auto body shops, tire repair shops, and other automotive enthusiasts in the GTA to ensure their clients’ rims look their best. Whether we are working in one of our customized mobile wheel repair trucks or our state-of-the-art wheel remanufacturing facility, our goal is to turn every imperfection into a RimPerfection!

We enable our industry partners to drive new revenue streams. Our clients include:

  • Dealerships
  • Insurance companies
  • Automotive repair facilities (mechanic shops and body shops)
  • Tire sales and service providers

We work with our industry partners to provide full service wheel repair, either in our on-demand mobile wheel repair units or our state of the art re-manufacturing facility. We believe in protecting the environment and providing our customers with quality. All of our wheel repair facilities are equipped with environmentally compliant, industry leading equipment, and all of our technicians receive comprehensive training in all aspects of the wheel repair process.

This allows us to deliver a high quality and consistent rim repair service every time. We provide our partners with the comfort of knowing that they are offering a quality rim repair service to their clients, backed by a one-year warranty from us!

Additionally, our account managers have extensive experience in the automotive industry and are well versed in the unique needs of our industry partners that rely on our reliable and professional services.

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